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CGE Lighting Services

CGE Lighting Services in Brighton Michigan provides energy efficient lighting upgrades and lighting maintenance services for  the midwest.


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Older Articles
City Developing Green Energy Policy - Escanaba 
Alternative Energy
ESCANABA - Escanaba is working toward developing a green energy policy so it can pursue alternative energy sources and offer energy conservation programs in the city. "The city has no ordinance in place to purchase power from individual power producers such as wind power," said Gil Cheves, interim project manager for the city's increased power needs, including the proposed new power plant."The city has to have an ordinance to give the city a basis to receive (alternative) power," Cheves said. "We're putting together an ad hoc group ... to assist in putting this together."

The formation of a green energy initiative policy will enable the city to apply for grants for energy-saving projects for homeowners and businesses. Such projects will be positive for the city and its growth, Cheves said. Escanaba being known as a "green city" is also attractive to individuals and businesses coming to the area, he added.

An energy project being pursued for homeowners is energy-saving kits proposed for 500 houses. The energy kits would include florescent bulbs and other energy-saving items. A grant was recently submitted for the project.

A city-wide energy ordinance will also work hand-in-hand with the feasibility study being conducted on ways to increase power generation in Escanaba, Cheves said.

"As we develop the energy project, we can look at the whole energy needs of the city," he said.

The feasibility study will include available technology, construction costs, siting and environmental issues for different-sized power plants of 60-, 160- and 300-megawatt capabilities.

The city is looking into building a new power plant because its present 25-megawatt facility, nearly 50 years old, is outdated and not meeting the city's growing power needs. If citizens decide to build a new plant, a new facility could become reality in six to seven years, Cheves said.

By Jenny Lancour - jlancour@dailypress.net
Published: Tuesday, October 24, 2006
Posted on Thursday, May 31, 2007 @ 13:22:41 MDT by webmaster
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